Welcome to The Patient Engagement Research Lab, a national consortium of esteemed experts in the field of transplant and health literacy. Our primary mission is to empower transplant patients and living donors by providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed treatment choices. The lab’s mission is to partner with stakeholders to achieve several critical goals:

  • Expand Access to Optimal Treatments
  • Reduce Racial Disparities
  • Ensure Informed Decision-Making
  • Increase Patient Engagement
  • Promote Patient-Centered Care
  • Improve Health Outcomes

Our Lab serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance patient engagement, make informed healthcare decisions, and improve health outcomes. We believe that knowledge is power, and we are committed to supporting transplant patients and living donors on their journey toward making informed and confident treatment choices. Explore our diverse range of resources in English and Spanish to ensure that you are well-prepared and empowered in your transplant and health literacy journey.

Learn about the Waterman Lab

Our Vision & Mission

We advocate for patients and what is important to them.  Our national experts expand access to optimal treatments, reduce racial disparities, ensure informed decision-making, increase patient engagement and patient-centered care, and improve health outcomes.   We mentor the next generation of diverse clinicians and scientists committed to improving healthcare. Visit the website to learn more about our team, research, Talks & Articles and Job Opportunities.

Could you partner with Us?

We conduct research and patient community engagement by tailoring health communication and education to reach all patients and improve patient-physician communication.

Interested in partnering with us to do research and join our Patient and Family Advisory Council to improve care delivery pathways, amplify the patient’s voice, and improve health outcomes? Click the link below.

The Living Donation Storytelling Project

The Living Donation Storytelling Project is a one-of-a-kind digital library of culturally diverse stories from real people, sharing their living donor kidney transplant experiences. The digital storytelling platform has collected stories from living donors, recipients, allies, including those exploring the idea of donation, and some looking for a living donor. Visit the website to view all story types and how you can share your health experience.

Explore Transplant

Guided by Amy Waterman, PhD, Explore Transplant is a national consortium of the leading experts in transplant and health literacy, who have come together to ensure that transplant patients and living donors can make informed treatment choices. Visit the website to view Explore Transplant’s educational resources include educational videos, animated coaching applications, online resources, print materials, and video storytelling in English and Spanish.

Health Stories for You

Health Stories for You is an educational resource developed by Dr. Amy Waterman and the Patient Engagement Research Lab. The experiences of individual storytellers on this site reflect their own personal opinions and beliefs. Visit the website to view all story types.

Linked by Love

Linked by Love delves into the complexities of transplantation, family dynamics, and the intricate history of Black Americans with the medical establishment. Through moments of laughter, tears, and revelation, this poignant narrative explores themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of second chances.

Fixing Paco

Follow Margie as she embarks on a transformative journey alongside her friend Paco, exploring the world of transplantation and dialysis. Witness the unwavering support of Paco’s family and friends as they navigate the highs and lows of his health journey, inspiring viewers to remain resilient and hopeful until his life-changing transplant.